We Listen For Your Success

Most of our clients come to us because they have reached the point of no return: they must implement an integrated system, or fix their botched implementation, to provide a solid foundation for their business, or they cannot grow anymore. We understand that over time your processes have become riddled with disjointed systems, spreadsheet workarounds and inconsistent results. You need a new system and you need it yesterday.

However, this can be the most dangerous point in any system implementation process. Have you heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out?” With over 75 years of experience successfully implementing and supporting software in the manufacturing and distribution industry, CCG knows that rushing through the requirements phase is a fast track to failure. We know because CCG is the company people turn to when their initial implementation attempt fails to get them the results they expected.

We have a strong history of aligning software performance with our clients’ expectations because Phase I for our projects is The Listening Phase.

The Conference Room Pilot

This is your company and your system. After installation is complete, we take your department managers through a complete business cycle during our Conference Room Pilot process to evaluate the system. We process transactions so that you can see exactly what is going to happen when the system goes live. This ensures that the inventory, manufacturing, CRM and other components are properly integrated with the G/L function and that transactions are processing as originally envisioned.

Our clients tell us that they value this approach because seeing the transaction flow firsthand ensures that transactions are being processed in the most efficient manner possible. The Conference Room Pilot demonstrates its value when you encounter the smooth transition and training processes that follow.

Choose CCG first to experience a clear, achievable path to business success.