Front office staff

Why do you not see they are the most important? In almost every salon, spa, or medical office I have ever been in the least paid person greets you. They greet 100% of the people that walk in the office. Most owners just don’t get it.

If a salon has 5 service providers, stylist or message thereapists or nail technicians, and one front office person, that front office person can upset 5 times as many customers as one bad service provider. Most owners don’t get that.

In a office of 10 doctors, one bad doctor upsets only 10% of the patients while that front office person upsets everyone that walks in. Most managers don’t get that.

I have discussed this with others. One woman I spoke to spends one-third of her massage appointment recovering from the 2 minute interaction with the front office person. Most managers or owners don’t get that.

One man refused to return after trying for 10 minutes to book another appointment in 5 weeks. You would think that anyone in a front office job could calculate or count 5 weeks. Most owners or managers don’t get that.

I personally get my haircut every six weeks at the same salon. I’ve used the same salon and stylist for almost a year. I have never seen the same receptionist twice. I’ve never been asked if I want to make another appointment. I’ve never been asked how my service was. If it wasn’t for my love of the stylist, I’d be outta there so fast it would make their head spin.

But yet, most owners or managers just don’t get it.

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