Achieve the Success That You Envisioned

Accounting was supposed to close yesterday, but the inventory manager is still trying to nail down costs for the month, the sales commission calculations are a mess and customer service needs to process a batch of returns but doesn’t have the proper coding. Just another day at the office?

It doesn’t have to be.

Processes that Support Your Business

Your processes should support your business, not inhibit it.

At Computer Consulting Group, we understand your issues personally, because every member of our software implementation team used to work for a company like yours. We understand your pain and we have solved your precise issues before, so we have seen firsthand the difference effective processes can make.

This knowledge enables CCG to provide you with solutions that support your business, allowing you to shift your focus back where it belongs: on achieving the success that you

Whether you need flexible accounting software, CRM software, an inventory management system or a full ERP software solution, Computer Consulting Group provides the unparalleled service you need to ensure a smooth transition.

Are you ready to transform your business? Let us show you how.

We Listen For Your Success

Most of our clients come to us because they have reached the point of no return: they must implement an integrated system, or fix their botched implementation, to provide a solid foundation for their business, or they cannot grow anymore. We understand that over time your processes have become riddled with disjointed systems, spreadsheet workarounds and inconsistent results. You need a new system and you need it yesterday.

However, this can be the most dangerous point in any system implementation process. Have you heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out?” With over 75 years of experience successfully implementing and supporting software in the manufacturing and distribution industry, CCG knows that rushing through the requirements phase is a fast track to failure. We know because CCG is the company people turn to when their initial implementation attempt fails to get them the results they expected.

Exceeding Client Expectations

In 1987, Greg Brink founded Computer Consulting Group because he was frustrated with the software implementation processes he had encountered in his career. He found that most companies were focused on just closing the deal, without regard for what the true cost would be by the time the system was implemented correctly and operating efficiently. His background in the manufacturing industry led him to specialize in this area so that he could provide expert advice and assistance that applied directly to his clients’ challenges.

Because of this, we understand first hand that manufacturing and distribution companies have complex processes and specific requirements.